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redhed Buell 4valve cylinder head

A fusion of technological progress, style, performance and pure passion. Born from my enthusiasm for enhancing just about anything, I developed a 4-valve cylinder head to improve the Buell motorcycle's ridability.

The results are dramatic

Increased Brake Mean Effective Pressure(BMEP) from 170psi to 230 psi with decreased Pumping Mean Effective Pressure(PMEP). Torque increased from 80 to 110 ft lbs and power increased from 100hpto 135hp.

Dedication to innovative solutions, quality workmanship & customer focus

Embody artistic intentions with sound and measurable engineering solutions to exceed client expectations and ensure increasing performance & profitability

More developments coming with redhed

redhed carburettor throttle body;

This involved the development of an after-market' carburettor throttle body to greatly improve air flow thru amandatory restrictor plate in a specific class of motor sport.

The knowledge gained from the cylinder head project allowed us to visualise & calculate the potential of extra air-flow through the restrictor plate.

Hp power increase from 175 to 200hp.

Torque increase from 220 to 246lbft & very much improved drivability.

On going testing and evaluation into commercialising this product.

Reliable testing facilities, equipment and techniques

By testing, comparing and analysing actual events on calibrated equipment, real gains (or losses) can be seen when developing new concepts. Test methodology is essential to ensure a commercially viable high performance solution.

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