A fusion of human anatomy, materials, ballistics and a very traditional sport.

Traditionally leg-guard design was dictated not by the needs of the player, but by the choice of materials and manufacturing methods.

Extensive analysis of players in action led to lighter, breathable pads that offered natural movement and superior protection. In tests, batsmen gained a 1.5 metre advantage per run due to aero-dynamics & lighter weight.

Applied Skills: Industrial design, Prototype build, Testing & evaluation, Tool design & commercialisation.

A high level of motivation, imagination and attention to detail

Creating sophisticated solutions
utilising innovation and excellence

Rob had a lot of expertise in the area that we were working in (sports protective equipment) and he had worked with related companies.

So it was natural to get Rob involved in the product design of our unique range of cricket protective equipment.

Rob worked with us exceptionally well and his ability to translate what we needed into workable products (from both a manufacturing and marketing point of view) mean that he added a lot of value to those key projects.

Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

We highly commend his work.

Philip Bradley, Aero Cricket, New Zealand

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